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Can I install my laminate floor?
What tools will I need to install my vinyl tile floor?You'll need just the basics -- a tape measure, a pencil, a chalk line and chalk, a carpenter's square or metal ruler, a sharp utility knife and a roller (a kitchen rolling pin will do).

Can pets damage my new laminate floor?
Yes, it is possible for dogs and cats to damage any type of flooring, including laminate flooring. Although Carpet Mill Discounter Laminate Floors are extremely durable they can be scratched by untrimmed pet claws. Keeping dogs and cats claws trimmed will help your floor look beautiful for many years.

How can I remove scratch marks from my laminate floors?
For minor scratches in your laminate floor there are special, color-coordinating pencils that may be used to fill in scratches. See your Carpet Mill Discounter Laminate Flooring dealer for more information. By using some common sense precautions you can help keep your floor looking like new. Use walkoff mats in front off all doorways and felt pads under all furniture legs. Never drag heavy objects over the floor, instead place 1/4" underlayment or plywood down first and then slide the heavy object across the underlayment panels. For more information see our Laminate Floor Care.

Can a chip in my laminate floor be repaired?
For chips, deep scratches and gouges there are colored burn-in, filler sticks available which are used with special electric knives to repair these areas. If the damage to the plank is too severe you can have the damaged plank replaced without destroying the rest of the floor. For plank replacements there are special tools, router bits, and wood splines available to make the job easier. We suggest you leave plank replacement up to a professional installer.

Can a Carpet Mill Discounter Laminate Floor be installed over my existing flooring?
Carpet Mill Discounter Laminate Floors can be installed of many types of existing floors, such as ceramic tile, vinyl, and hardwood. Have your local Carpet Mill Discounter Flooring dealer make an inspection to determine if the existing flooring is suitable for this purpose. Never try to install a floating floor over another floating floor.

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