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Carpet Cushion

Carpet cushion is a crucial part of your flooring and should not be forgotten. Each step across your flooring creates hundreds of pounds of pressure. The cushion helps alleviate that pressure, and the decrease in pressure makes your carpet feel richer, thicker, and softer.

One excellent product we sell and recommend is eco-friendly TripleTouch cushion. Manufactured by Shaw Floors, TripleTouch is an innovatively designed urethane cushion that feels exceptionally luxurious underfoot. In Shaw studies, 9 out of 10 customers prefer the comfort of TripleTouch cushion.

And TripleTouch cushion is environmentally friendly. It’s made with natural oils, reducing our dependency on petroleum-based products. In addition, the backing system’s primary components are made from recycled content.

This cushion comes in two density specifications:

  • PremiumTouch, with an 8-lb. density and 7/16-inch thickness
  • UltimateTouch, with a 10-lb. density and 7/16-inch thickness

Shaw backs the TripleTouch Cushion products with a “Life of the Home” cushion warranty, plus extended carpet warranties on all 4- and 5-Star Shaw carpets when installed over TripleTouch cushion:

TripleTouch cushion is an outstanding choice, because it provides unsurpassed comfort, exceptional performance, and environmental responsibility.

For an even greener solution, Shaw Floors has introduced a brand-new product: EcoFiberTouch cushion—made from 100% recycled synthetic fibers. A perfect combination of eco-friendliness and comfort.

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