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Features and Benefits of Laminate

Our Laminate Flooring offers a wide selection of rich colors and designs in several different grades, including laminates with pre-attached underlayments to help deaden sound and keep the floor warmer and "embossed-in-register" designs in which the surface texture exactly matches the image texture for highly realistic look and feel of real hardwood, tile and stones styles.

Laminate floor tiles and planks are coated with a heavy duty, hardwearing aluminum oxide finish that protects the underlying pattern from being damaged. More importantly, this means that the floor is able to stand up to high foot traffic levels without wearing through, thus providing its owner with many years of use without the need to worry about costly maintenance. In this regard, laminate can be reliably considered as being 'maintenance free' flooring.

  • Laminates are less expensive than real wood or ceramic but are more expensive than carpet and sheet vinyl.
  • Maintenance is as easy as a dry mop. Wipe up liquid spills with paper towels or sponge.
  • Wood laminate is not indestructible. It can be nicked or gouged by sharp objects. This condition can be repaired.
  • Subfloor is an important element in hard surface installation of vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, and wood laminates. Imperfections in the substrate can telegraph through to the new floor and result in unsightly bumps and ridges. Most installations require subfloor or floor preparation. The more you spend on subfloor and preparation the better the finished job will look.